The Jigsaw Puzzle

How It's Made

Our puzzles are constructed from the finest materials available. Artwork is mounted onto 1/4" thick 5-ply mahogany plywood. The backside of the puzzle is as important to us as the image itself. The selected wood veneers receive three coats of imported tung oil, with extensive sanding and steel wooling between coats. The final coat is hand-sanded and buffed to a luxurious, furniture-grade finish, a delight to look at and feel.

We cut each individual jigsaw puzzle piece free-hand, using an imported motorized scroll saw. The fine cuts we are able to achieve we attribute to our scroll saw blades, machined as fine as a single horse hair. No two jigsaw puzzle pieces are ever the same. They all take on their own fanciful shapes and forms, each piece an important component to the whole. To witness and experience the weaving and interlocking of these unique pieces, is an artistic adventure, heightening the experience of assembling a Bogarts Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle.


We believe puzzles should be fun! To ensure your delight, we cut whimsies (humorous or playful figures) into each of our puzzles. You may select your own figures, or let us decide. Whimsies can be a favorite type of animal, a persons initials, special dates, a sporting activity or hobby, or even a picture within the actual picture. Use your imagination and challenge us! What a perfect way to personalize your puzzle! We generally insert one whimsy for every 50 puzzle pieces. Feel free to send us sketches of the whimsies you would like us to use in your puzzle or choose from our extensive library.


The Signature Piece

The heart of all our puzzles. It's Bogart the Portugese Waterdog. Every puzzle receives the exact same signature piece. The backside is signed, dated and numbered by the puzzle cutter. The puzzle's registration number is recorded in our permanent files.

We inspect every puzzle piece for flaws or defects. We assemble the puzzles in our workshop to ensure that all the pieces fit properly, and that the puzzle is 100% complete before it leaves our hands and is sent on to our customers. Prior to shipping, the puzzle is disassembled and the pieces are placed in our custom made box. The box is lined with cobalt blue layered paper, with the silhouette of Bogart embossed in silver on the cover. This exquisite box adds the final touch to your Bogarts Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle. Accompanying the puzzle is a certificate signed and dated by the puzzle cutter, authenticating the purchase of a Bogarts Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle.

Caution/Warning: A picture of the jigsaw puzzle which you are about to purchase will not be included with your puzzle. Some call us crazy, we call it tradition. The antique jigsaw puzzles we all admire today were made without accompanying pictures of the actual puzzle image. We plan to continue with this tradition. If you find you have no idea of how to assemble your puzzle, and you have reached your wits end, don't panic, simply call our jigsaw puzzlers support line for assistance.